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About Alyonna Parveen

Alyonna is an ancient soul that has existed in many dimensions and has been around from the beginning of time on Earth.

Lifetimes after lifetimes she has incarnated serving humanity in different forms, places, cultures and existence. Her soul mission is to help people heal energetically and bring forward messages from the Divine to guide them on their journey towards their soul purpose.


  • Online Oracle Card Readings

  • Three Card Email Reading

  • One Card Email Reading

  • Online Soul Counselling

  • Chat, Support and Life guidance

  • Cosmic Guidance

Book a service for your event.

  • Oracle Card Readings at your party

  • Ecstatic Dance and meditation

  • Goddess Dance circles

  • Dance Meditation Circles

  • Readings at your Events or Expos

  • Guest Speaker at your events

  • Belly Dancing fun session